Tulsa man receives life-changing heart transplant at St. Louis Children’s Hospital

TULSA, Okla. — Dale Robertson was born with a heart defect that has affected him his entire life.

In his 40s he needed a new heart, as well as a liver because of the damage done to it from the heart not working properly.

A specialist in St. Louis who had been treating Dale decided he would get the best care in a children’s hospital, because they are the ones who most often deal with the problem Dale had.

St. Louis Children’s Hospital accepted Dale as a patient, and Dale moved into the hospital to live so they could monitor him while he waited for a heart.

Dale says staying at a children’s hospital is not something he’d ever have imagined, but it’s an experience he wouldn’t trade for anything.

He says he was moved by the children bravely fighting heart problems, and their parents who fight so hard for them.

Some of those parents were able to take comfort in meeting Dale, because they saw that someone with a similar problem as their own child was able to live into their 40s before he needed a new heart.

Dale eventually received a new heart and liver from the same donor, and he says it’s like getting a new life.

He wants to write to the family of the donor, but can’t quite find the words yet.