Tulsa couple raises more than $12,000 for adoption

TULSA, Okla. — The Frescott family had plans to adopt, but soon learned they were pregnant. So, with adoption still on their hearts, they say they decided to make a fundraiser out of it to help another local family looking to adopt -- the Aitken family.

“Gender Reveal with a Purpose” has raised over $12,000 to help the Aitken family with adoption expenses. Community organizations and businesses can donate and have sponsored the fundraiser.

To play, you had to donate an odd dollar amount, like, $25. That casts your vote for a boy. You donate an even dollar amount to vote for a girl.

The Frescott’s found out in November they’re having a boy.

Thanks to several sponsors, several gifts are lined up for the lucky winners.

You can donate as an individual or a business.

All you need is CashApp, Venmo, or a PayPal account.