St. John Regional President: ‘The virus doesn’t know political boundaries’

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TULSA, Okla. — The recent surge in COVID-19 cases and related hospitalizations is putting pressure back on Tulsa hospitals.

Ascension St. John is seeing some of the highest numbers of hospitalizations since the coronavirus pandemic began.

For the last several weeks, the St. John staff has been treating 45-50 coronavirus patients each day in their hospital.

Ascension St. John Regional President and Chief Operating Officer Mike McBride told FOX23′s Tiffany Alaniz that he’s concerned about their staff members growing weary.

“My greatest concern is our staff becomes weary after a while... it has the potential to take a real toll," McBride says.

“We are all growing weary we understand that but we have to persevere, especially over the next couple of months into the new year.”

Oklahoma has had above or near 900 people hospitalized in connection with COVID-19 in multiple daily reports from the state health department in October.

McBride says they are disappointed that this health crisis has been made into a political topic.

“There is no good reason this should be a political issue," he says.

"This is about health of our community, our neighbors our friends, our family.”