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                  Health expert warns about Oklahoma’s dangerous trend in coronavirus numbers

                  VIDEO: Health expert warns Oklahomans about the spread of coronavirus

                  TULSA, Okla. — -An epidemiologist and infectious disease expert from Harvard predicts states like Oklahoma will be forced to shutdown businesses if immediate changes aren’t made soon to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

                  -Dr. Michael Mina says the spread of the virus is out of control, and any states who are not taking aggressive approaches, like mask mandates and social distancing, are “painting themselves into a corner.”

                  -Since coronavirus numbers continue to rise and no changes have been made to stop the spread, Dr. Mina says its inevitable that hospitals will be over-capacity, which will force a shutdown. This is already happening in some areas like El Paso, Texas.

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                  -The state hit a new record high of patients in the ICU Friday, with 322 patients in intensive care. Only 88 ICU beds are available state-wide

                  -Governor Kevin Stitt has said repeatedly that he does not want to implement a state-wide mask mandate, instead leaving it up to city and county leaders and personal responsibility