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                  Cyber security experts look at biggest threats ahead of election day

                  VIDEO: Experts talk about biggest cyber security threats ahead of election day

                  TULSA, Okla. — Cyber security experts say recent hacks of political websites doesn’t mean election security is at stake.

                  This week, President Trump’s campaign page was hacked, and the suspects put up a fake FBI warning, essentially asking for ransom for secrets they said they got from the site.

                  A campaign spokesperson says no critical information was accessed.

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                  We also learned this week that the Republican Party of Wisconsin lost $2.3 million to hackers.

                  A spokesperson says the hackers accessed accounts the party used, created fake invoices, and received payments before anyone realized what was going on.

                  A national cyber security expert told FOX23 those high-profile hacks don’t necessarily mean the security and integrity of the election is at stake to similar hackers.

                  He says chaos on election day is more likely to come from the logistics of record shattering numbers of votes going through a system that hasn’t changed for decades.